Flatbrehytta and Flatbre glacier - 1000 m.a.s.

Traditional mountain tour to the Flatbre glacier. Flatbrehytta (Means Flatbreen glacier cabin) are two separate cabins located 1000 ms above sea level, right by the border of the Flatbreen glacier. The cabins were built by the legendary glacier guide Anders Øygard. He was André Øygards grandfather, and guided around 1200 tours on the largest ice cap in mainland Europe - The Jostedal glacier.

Nunatak Myrhaugsnipa 1443

Mountain and glacier walk with fjord view Season: June 20-Sept. 30 Nunatak is an Inuit word that means «Mountain that peak out from a glacier». The peak of Myrhaugsnipa measures 1443 meters above sea level, and has a spectacular view over Fjærlandsfjord, Supphellebreen glacier fall and Flatbreen glacier. This combination of the best Norway has to offer, tied together in one experiance, makes this tour unique. Myrhaugsnipa is a mountain that few get to experience - but with local knowledge from houndreds of years of exploration, the path over these great ice masses, will go from being a dangerous barrier to being the most giving and mindful experience. You get to travel backwards in time to the ice ages, and have a memory for life, of a landscape that might be lost in our future.    

Nunatak Myrhaugsnipa 1443 incl. relaxing two night stay at Rødseter Inn

Two nights accommodation with home cooked meals and mountain and glacier walk with fjord view. Season: June 20-Sept. 30. In this exclusive two night option, we've had in mind that the Myrhaugsnipa excursion is a long and demanding hike. Wouldn't it be nice to arrive in good time the evening before, have some homemade supper and get settled in, go to bed surrounded by quietness, before waking up well rested the next morning before the excursion? And when you get back down after 10 hours of pushing your body, you can jump right into a warm shower, have a cold beer or a warm beverage, or simply rest on your bed for a while before we serve you a dinner prepared with patience and love for great food. No need to haste away to the next place - and believe us, you will be glad you don't have to.  

Rent a bike (Sogndal/Kaupanger)

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