Boats for hire in Kaupanger by the Fjord Museum

These old fashioned, beautiful boats are for hire. At your own pace and ability you may enjoy an inexpensive holyday on the fjords. Each boat is 15 ft. long, and give room for 2-4 adults. They are equipped with 2 sets of oars, adequate rope and grapnel, 4 life wests , fishing equipment, and a map of the fjord. The use of these boats is on one’s own responsibility, but safety instructions and practical advice will be given before leaving. Knowledge of open water vessels are required, and it is necessary to fill in a lease before departure.   The boats are traditional boats from the district, about 17 ft. long. They give room for 2-4 adults.

Fjord RIB Adventure

Join Adventure Tours Norway in Skjolden on a “Fjord RIB Adventure. Feel the breeze in your hair and enjoy beautiful views of the fjord, mountains and waterfalls in the company of a local guide. An easy 1 hour tour. Warm floating suit with hood, life jacket and wind goggles included. Season: 24 June - 25 August Every Day except Sunday - Guaranteed departures Departure: 10:00 am Arrival: 11 am Price 2016: Adults: 600 NOK / Children (4-14): 350 NOK  

Fjord RIB Adventure + Waterfall Hike

Join Adventure Tours Norway and combine an hours RIB-tour with a short hike to the impressive 218 metre tall Feigefossen Waterfall! An easy/moderate 3,5 hours combined tour. Warm floating suit with hood, life jacket and wind goggles included. Recommended equipment: Good walking shoes, clothing for the weather conditions, rain jacket and a water bottle. Season: May-October. Price 2016: Adults: 700 NOK / Children (4-14): 450 NOK

Stand up Paddle rental in Skjolden

Rent a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) from Adventure Tours Norway in Skjolden and explore the inner part of Sognefjord on your own! Paddleboard, paddle, and floating vest included. Price 2016 day rental: 350 NOK / 3-hour rental: 250 NOK