Bicycle rental in Skjolden

Rent a bicycle from Adventure Tours Norway in Skjolden, and explore the attractions, waterfalls and the beautiful views on your own! Skjolden is a good starting point for biking trips to several attractions in the region. Bicycle, helmet and a local map included. Different sizes for children and adults. Price 2016 day rental: Adults: 300 NOK / Children: 200 NOK

Bike & Hike + Fishing at Bølifossen

Come along to “Bølifossen” – the place known as “the beautiful Pearl in the Mørkrid valley”. The tour starts from Skjolden and continues through the peaceful Mørkrid valley by bicycle. The guide will stop and tell, and show old pictures from the valley’s history. Hear about daily life in the valley, the moving of cattle and goats to spring and summer pastures, and efficient use of land and animals. A moderate/hard 6,5-7 hours combined tour. Bicycle, helmet, local fishing license, fishing equipment and taste sample included. Bring with you good walking shoes, clothing for the weather, water bottle and lunch-pack. Season: June - September Price 2016: Adults: 450 NOK / Children (4-14): 250 NOK

Bike & Hike to Drivande Waterfall

Join Adventure Tours Norway in Skjolden on a biking and hiking tour through the natural- and cultural landscapes of the Mørkrid valley, and get close to the impressive Drivande waterfall. An easy/moderate 3-3,5 hours combined tour. Bicycle, helmet and taste sample included. Recommended equipment: Good walking shoes, clothing for the weather conditions, rain jacket and a water bottle. Season: May-September Price 2016: Adults: 450 NOK / Children (4-14): 250 NOK  

Boats for hire in Kaupanger by the Fjord Museum

These old fashioned, beautiful boats are for hire. At your own pace and ability you may enjoy an inexpensive holyday on the fjords. Each boat is 15 ft. long, and give room for 2-4 adults. They are equipped with 2 sets of oars, adequate rope and grapnel, 4 life wests , fishing equipment, and a map of the fjord. The use of these boats is on one’s own responsibility, but safety instructions and practical advice will be given before leaving. Knowledge of open water vessels are required, and it is necessary to fill in a lease before departure.   The boats are traditional boats from the district, about 17 ft. long. They give room for 2-4 adults.

Drop in - try out the climbing wall in Sogndal

The wall was completed in 2006. It was considered innovative, and the best climbing wall in Scandinavia. The wall was constructed by Tjelmeland Friction, a Norwegian climbing wall manufacturer. They design walls with a triangle system that give varied routes and opens for many different choices when building routes on the wall. The wall is 18m high and has 31 bolt lines with permanent hangers and has a surface area of approximately 750 m2. You can find all angles in the wall. Most of the routes are vertical to lightly inclined, but it also has a steep overwhelming left-wing with a 16m overhang. Normally it is 40-50 routes in the wall covering all levels, most routes between Norwegian grade 5, 6 and 7, but also routes for beginners and experts. Wall host switch routes once a year, 30-50% of the squares are changed every half year, and otherwise it is tuned slightly when needed throughout the year. The routes are colour coded and signs stating the grade for the different routes help you find a route for you. Remember that grading are not an exact science, but please let us know if you are displeased with anything. The wall is high, we recommend using ropes that are at least 50m long.    

Fjord RIB Adventure

Join Adventure Tours Norway in Skjolden on a “Fjord RIB Adventure. Feel the breeze in your hair and enjoy beautiful views of the fjord, mountains and waterfalls in the company of a local guide. An easy 1 hour tour. Warm floating suit with hood, life jacket and wind goggles included. Season: 24 June - 25 August Every Day except Sunday - Guaranteed departures Departure: 10:00 am Arrival: 11 am Price 2016: Adults: 600 NOK / Children (4-14): 350 NOK  

Fjord RIB Adventure + Waterfall Hike

Join Adventure Tours Norway and combine an hours RIB-tour with a short hike to the impressive 218 metre tall Feigefossen Waterfall! An easy/moderate 3,5 hours combined tour. Warm floating suit with hood, life jacket and wind goggles included. Recommended equipment: Good walking shoes, clothing for the weather conditions, rain jacket and a water bottle. Season: May-October. Price 2016: Adults: 700 NOK / Children (4-14): 450 NOK

Flatbrehytta and Flatbre glacier - 1000 m.a.s.

Traditional mountain tour to the Flatbre glacier. Flatbrehytta (Means Flatbreen glacier cabin) are two separate cabins located 1000 ms above sea level, right by the border of the Flatbreen glacier. The cabins were built by the legendary glacier guide Anders Øygard. He was André Øygards grandfather, and guided around 1200 tours on the largest ice cap in mainland Europe - The Jostedal glacier.

Guided tur til Molden

Molden is often called the finest viewpoint in Sogn, with an amazing fjord view. You start from the Mollandsmarki road just where it levels out after rising steeply from the R55 junction. You turn off to the left just past the cattle grid and follow the forest track for some 300m. Then you bear right along a good path marked with red spots. After about one kilometre you take a new forest track for about 600m. You are then on the path at the point where the track turns sharply to the right. From here the path rises steeply and after a little climb you reach Svarthiller with its  


Lustrabadet is a very nice waterworld, located by Sognefjorden. Here you can find 2 children’s pool, water slides, a 25 metre pool and a relaxation area with a pool inside a cave, a hot pool (39˚C) with water massage and 2 outside pools. Lustrabadet also has a small cafeteria and a swim shop, with bathing clothes, swimming goggles, bathing caps and toys to use in the water

Mountain hike in Sogndalsdalen

Join us for a hike in the valley of Sogndalsdalen. Trekking in cultivated landscape We will walk through the landscape cultivated by livestock. The trip will take us above the mountain pass and down to a small farm called Berge located by the fjord. This is an old route used by traders between communities Sogndal and Fjærland. At the highest, we will be 1500 meters above sea level. This trip is for everybody, family, friends or companies!  

Nunatak Myrhaugsnipa 1443

Mountain and glacier walk with fjord view Season: June 20-Sept. 30 Nunatak is an Inuit word that means «Mountain that peak out from a glacier». The peak of Myrhaugsnipa measures 1443 meters above sea level, and has a spectacular view over Fjærlandsfjord, Supphellebreen glacier fall and Flatbreen glacier. This combination of the best Norway has to offer, tied together in one experiance, makes this tour unique. Myrhaugsnipa is a mountain that few get to experience - but with local knowledge from houndreds of years of exploration, the path over these great ice masses, will go from being a dangerous barrier to being the most giving and mindful experience. You get to travel backwards in time to the ice ages, and have a memory for life, of a landscape that might be lost in our future.    

Rent a bike (Sogndal/Kaupanger)

Bike along fjord og mountains. Rent a bike.